AngularBeans : Step By Step Tutorial

STEP1: Project Environment

This angularBeans example is built with following tools and technologies:
  • AngularJS 1.4.5
  • SockJS 0.3.4
  • Bower (optionnal as you can use a CDN link to your js dependencies)
  • Maven 3
  • Eclipse Luna
  • JDK 1.7
  • wildfly 9.0 (or any javaEE7 web/full profile AS)
  • Jboss tools eclipse plugin (if wildfly used).


for this step,I recommand this excellent bower beginning tutorial by Matt West:

The new Maven project:

In eclipse: new->project->maven project.
select create simple project (skip archetype selection)
fill the next form as follows:

Maven dependencies

First of all you need to add angularBeans dependency and the JavaEE7 api depencies in your pom.xml.





Under src/main/resources add a META-INF directory (right-click->new folder) containing a beans.xml file:
<beans xmlns=""

You need now to synchronize eclipse metadata's (facet) with your new pom.xml, press Alt-F5 (or right click->maven->update project) then "OK".

Bower JS dependencies:

Now we will use bower to add AngularJS execute the following bower command ( under the web-app folder) :
    {{workspace absolute path}}\FirstExample\src\main\webapp> bower install -g angularjs
under the eclipse project select the webapp folder then click F5 (to refresh the view) you will see a new folder "bower_components"

congrat ! you are now ready for the next step:

<STEP2: my first angular bean>

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